About the Translator

Below is biographical information on Ray Geide, the translator of the Breakthrough Version and the Breakthrough KJV

Ray Geide - the Translator of BV and BKJV

When Ray Geide was in the sixth grade, a friend told him, "I tried to read the Bible once, but there were too many thees and thous. I gave up." When he heard this, he wondered why someone had not updated the Bible and changed the thees and thous to you so that unchurched people like his friend could read it.

At that time he did not know that for almost fifty years God would prepare him to do just that and much more.

He received his formal Bible training in a Bible college (B.A. in Theology) and seminary (MDiv, with highest honors, in New Testament Studies with an emphasis in New Testament Greek).

His proficiency in New Testament Greek improved even more while he was a missionary in Russia for nine years when he became fluent in the Russian language, a language similar in structure to New Testament Greek.

He worked as a translator for many years in a nonprofit organization and in a business.

He studied and taught the Bible in the five churches that he pastored.

When he was not a pastor, he was studying the Bible in his spare time and teaching it as a layman.

His decades of research into the Bible’s words revealed three big problems: 1) the Bible’s traditional words do not mean what Christians think they mean; 2) most Bible versions do not adhere to good translation standards; and 3) some Greek words and phrases have been translated wrong.

To correct these and many more problems, he wrote the Breakthrough Version and the Breakthrough KJV.

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